Ghostlight – Little Theatre of Norfolk Podcast features Spotlight Writer Moriah Joy

Words by BA Ciccolella.
Image courtesy of Moriah Joy.

A huge thank you to the Little Theatre of Norfolk for hosting Spotlight’s Moriah Joy to talk about her recent article “Op-Ed: Gig Economy Work during a Pandemic”. Moriah’s interview can be found on Episode 7 of Ghostlight – The Little Theatre of Norfolk, entitled The Gig Economy: How to be a Starving Artist (pandemic not required). (Full disclosure, Moriah is also a board member at the Little Theatre of Norfolk.)

Moriah Joy's headshot.

Anyone wishing to hear Moriah (and your friendly editor, who is one of the hosts of Ghostlight – Little Theatre of Norfolk), can listen to that specific episode, or subscribe to the podcast at any of the following sites:

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Ghostlight is also looking to continue the conversation by taking voicemails on the topic of the gig economy at 757-632-3281. Any voicemails left on this topic may be featured on a future Ghostlight episode.

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